Headaches Can Be Sleep Related

June is Headache Awareness Month. Frequently waking up with a headache is a sign of a potential sleep disorder. However, treatment can reduce of even eliminate sleep-related headaches! Did you know: Half of all migraines occur between 4am – 9am 50% of people who wake up with a headache might have Sleep Apnea Talk to Us or your medical professional today about your sleep! According to O’Brien SM. Managing headaches in patients with sleep disorders. Clinical Advisor. 2017 Feb 09. www.clinicaladvivor.com/the-waiting-room/managing-headaches-in-sleep-disorders/article/637016 Rains J. Sleep Disorders and Headaches. American Migraine Foundation. 16 Dec 2016. americanmigrainefoundation.org/understanding-migraine/sleep/

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