Sleep Impressions offers alternatives in the treatment of sleep apnea. Patients can compare convenience, comfort, cost, and clinical efficacy to find the best option for them.
Want the highly effective, gold-standard CPAP without the hassle of another visit to a sleep lab, insurance authorizations, and follow up doctor visits? Buy an auto-adjusting CPAP direct from us with customer pricing! You can even use your HSA card. It’s minimal cost with maximum convenience!
Can’t sleep with a mask and blower of a CPAP? Consider an Oral Appliance. Sleep Impressions has a network of dentists across the country to provide oral appliances (known as a mandibular advancement device) to treat sleep apnea. It is a comfortable and effective alternative, especially for mild or moderate OSA.

Sleep Impressions is an in-network provider with most insurance plans for oral appliances, and the treatment is easier to get insurance approval than CPAP! It’s finally an affordable alternative for patients. Find a dentist