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Dental Sleep Medicine is a unique revenue opportunity for your dental practice that directly improves your patients’ health.  With an estimated 25% of the US population suffering from sleep apnea and 80% of those untreated, there is patient demand for the more convenient and comfortable oral appliance therapy.


growth-increase-dentist-officeSleep Impressions is a solution to help you develop, manage, and grow sleep medicine in your dentistry practice.  We provide:

  • Medical insurance billing through in-network provider, meaning less time and effort for your staff, less out of pocket expense for your patients, and faster time to treatment and payment.
  • Proven processes and technology for documentation, clinical services, and billing brings a streamlined program to busy dental offices.


insurance-billing-solutionSleep Impressions is a network of dentists trained in dental sleep medicine that bill medical insurance through the group’s in-network contracts as a single “practice”.   Becoming an affiliate, or contractor, of Sleep Impressions means:

  • Lower cost to the patient as in-network provider resulting in significantly more patients agreeing to treatment.
  • External team to handle verification of benefits, explanation of coverage to the patient, insurance claim submissions, and patient collections.
  • Shorter time to payment because in-network authorization and claim processing is faster and simpler.
  • You can focus on clinical treatment and be compensated appropriately!


  • Partnership with national HST provider (Millennium Sleep Lab)
    • Contracted with Medicare/Medicaid, private insurance, and Care Credit.
    • Software integration to check status of test and receive script electronically
    • Verification of accurate documentation for medical necessity of test and OA
    • Sleep physicians to order test, interpret test results, and sign oral appliance script
    • Network of DME’s and current patient database to identify non-compliant PAP users
  • Monthly statistics on referrals, study orders, scripts, and billing
  • Quarterly review and re-evaluation of insurance and contracts