Our clinical team has reviewed various products on the market that claim to improve sleep, especially when combined with other treatment for sleep apnea.  Here are products that could be beneficial in treating your sleep disorder. 

The SlumberBUMP pillow helps you to sleep on your side comfortably reducing snoring problems.

Simply put it around your chest & lie on your side. It will prevent you from rolling onto your back throughout the night which could worsen snoring and apnea.  Every pillow is 100% machine washable allowing you to reuse your pillow night after night. Available in multiple sizes 

The Side-Sleeping Backpack from WoodyKnows provides comfortable back support to help you sleep on your side.

Large enough to keeps you off your back at night. Three-point design at both shoulders and waist, which disperses the pressure of the straps to ensure comfortable and stable support.  Inflatable airbag can be flattened and folded for travel.  Available in two sizes.

Chin Strap

A soft fabric strap worn under the chin to hold the mouth closed is beneficial when worn with a CPAP or oral appliance.  Prevents dry mouth from mouth-breathing and reduces snoring.  Also effective in minimizing snoring for those without sleep apnea.  Available in two sizes.

Don’t let another day go by without treating your sleep apnea!

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