2017: Get More Sleep

It’s resolution time yet again. Each year we make promises to improve our lives in the coming year. We vow to exercise more, eat less, make new friends and reduce stress along the way. It’s no secret that resolutions are often made but rarely kept.

This year throw out the long list of resolutions. Stick with one promise to yourself—to get more sleep. Make 2017 the year of sleep.

This year strive for 8-hours of quality sleep each night. Start by improving your sleep environment with a new mattress, white noise machine or thicker shades to block out light.  Next, stop ignoring sleep disorder symptoms such as snoring, morning headaches and gasping for air during sleep.  Talk to a physician and schedule a sleep study (see Millennium Sleep Lab). Make this the year to start a sleep therapy such as an oral appliance!

By improving your sleep you will have more energy, improved mood and reduced stress. Take action now. Call 1-877-933-9470 to schedule an in-home sleep study or to learn about sleep therapy options.

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